Monday, February 1, 2010


don't wait.

don't wait for the opportunity to approach you...create the opportunity. Believing in yourself is hard to do sometimes... you have to believe in yourself before anyone else does, unless of course it's your mother or you spouse... seriously though.. even if it means pretending. Pretend you are what you want to be and in that act, you will become what you want to be.

We have so many obstacles but so does everyone, and it is those obstacles that mold us into being the best that we can be, without them we would be weak and predictable and I am not sure about you but I don't want to be weak and predictable.

With the economy the way that it is, with the shift that is going on, with the war with the the disaster in Haiti and around the world.. all of these things we need to work even harder, have even more faith and believe even more. It is a collective consciousness and if we just tap into it, then we can prevail.

Prevail in what ever it is that we want to prevail in. Yes, easier said than done but I won't stop saying it, I won't stop believing it and if it doesn't get me to where I want to go, then it will at least get me further than if I hadn't believed at all.

Breathe, believe and treat others the way you want to be treated. Stop being afraid and take someones hand, not someones hand that will help you up.. but someones hand that YOU can help up.