Friday, October 15, 2010

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness may be common for some expecting mothers, while others may not have a single nauseous moment. Thankfully, there are many natural plant/herbs and excersizes that can alleviate morning sickness without the harsh allopathic medicines containing antihistamines.

Susan Weed, Herbalist and author suggests to simply "Walk a mile a day" to prevent morning sickness as moving will also move the chemical by products of the increased hormonal activity of pregnancy through your body, easing the uncomfortable and sometimes overwhelming feeling of nausea.

Here is a list of some of her other suggestions to PREVENT morning sickness:

Increasing (under doctors supervision) iron and vitamin B complex
Eating unsalted crackers or matzo before getting out f bed.
Avoid spicy and greasy foods.
Get out of bed slowly in the morning, ease into your day rather than sudden movement.
Drink a cup of Anixe or Fennel seed tea when you wake up.
Drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in 8 oz of warm water first thing in the morning.

REMEDIES for morning sickness by Susan Weed:

Drink a cup or two of Raspberry leaf tea each day
Homeopathic remedie: Ipecac 30x, Nux vomica 6z, Cannabis 30x
Drinking a tea made from dried peach tree leaves to help control morning sickness distress.
Sip peppermint or speramint infusion first thing in the morning.
Take tablespoonful doses of ginger root tea anytime nausea occurs.

I didn't have any morning sickness in my pregnancy and I feel very blessed for this as I do not handle nausea well.
I haven't tried any of these remedies but I think that trying them wouldn't hurt, if nausea was an issue that needed to be dealt with.

Tea With Susan Weed

Information from "Wise Woman Herbal for the childbearing years" by Susan Weed.

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