Thursday, April 22, 2010

Herbal crispy rice snacks

Picture borrowed off of

Mountain Rose Herbs Recipe Contest

2 cups of crispy brown or white rice
3/4 cup honey
1/2 tsp. vanilla
3/4 cup of natural peanut butter
1/2 cup finely chopped almonds or shelled sunflower seed or combine both.
2 tbls chia seeds
2 tbls freshly ground flax seeds
1/4 cup of Goji berries

cocoa powder or shredded coconut (optional)

Add more berries/seeds/crispy rice for consistancy if needed Can add cinnamon to taste too! When finished you can dip squares in or roll balls in cocoa or shredded coconut.

my berries, and seeds I buy from Mountain Rose Herbs, my crispy rice I buy from Sprouts Farmers Market

Mix peanut butter, honey, vanilla, nuts/seeds and berries to a bowl, add crispy rice cereal and stir gently.
Wet your hands and form mixture either into bite sized balls or squars, place on wax paper and serve.

this will yeild aproximately 8 dozen 1 inch peices.

Happy Eating!

Mountain Rose Herbs Recipe Contest click here to learn more!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Winters Relief Hand Salve Recipe

When infusing these herbs the aroma of spicy pumpkin fills your home and it is delightful! The color of the finished product is a beautiful pumpkin pie color and smells good enough to eat!

Winters Relief Hand Salve

All Herbs were bought at Mountain Rose Herbs so they are Certified Organic,Ethically wild crafted or chemically free harvested and all herbs are dry plant material in whole form which I then (after Measurement, grind down)

1/2 cup Ginger
1/2 cup Chaparral
1/2 cup Clove
1/2 cup Cinnamon
1/4 cup Cayenne (already ground) optional, I like it's anti inflam and warming effect
1 cup White Willow Bark

1/2 cup of Jojoba Oil
3/4 cup Arnica Oil ( previously sun infused with dry plant material)
4 1/2 cups of Olive Oil
2 0z Vitamin E oil ( from Mountain Rose Herbs)
1 1/4 cup Local Bees Wax

After blending down the herbs individually to a fine powder or as fine as I could get them, I put them in a large stainless steel bowl, added the mixtures of oils (except vitamin E)and placed the bowl atop a stock pot of boiling water. Turn the heat down to a simmer and stir the mixture very often, making sure that the oils do not get too hot and burn the herbs. I did this for a minimum of two hours but not more than 4.

Strain the herbs from the oil and with a potato ricer and cheese cloth press the oil from the herb and set aside. Herbs now can be discarded.

“Mountain Rose Herbs Recipe Contest”

This oil can be stored away from light and heat for several months if you do not plan to make a large batch of salve as I usually make. This is a great christmas gift Idea and making a large batch as the recipe is suggested would make approximately 32 1oz size containers.

I then take a new clean stainless bowl or clean and dry the first bowl and pour all of the oil and wax into the bowl and again (double boiler method) bring the heat up just enough to melt the wax, this is when I add the vitamin E.

When wax is melted pour into 1oz containers.

This salve smells like pumpkin pie or christmas time. It is warming and delicious to the skin. Caution (due to cayenne) for small children and mucus membranes.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jamaican Dogwood

These are photos that I took during the process of pouring off a tincture of Jamaican Dogwood Bark that I had made.

The flavor of the tree bark is slightly smoky, woody and not at all that bad However it has been explained to be acrid and bitter and to produce a burning sensation in mouth with a strong disagreeable smell like broken opium. I don't find that it is extremely bitter and I haven't broke opium so I am not sure if this is true either. I also do not get a burning sensation but I do find that when the tincture is dropped into my mouth that there is a very slight warming effect.

Jamaican Dogwood tree has a very valuable wood. The pounded leaves and young branches are used to poison fish the method followed is to fill an open crate with the branches, drop it into the water, and swill it about till the water is impregnated with the liquid from the leaves, etc.; this quickly stupefies the fish and enables the fishers to catch them quickly.In 1844 attention was called to its narcotic, analgesic and sudorific properties which are uncertain.

---Medicinal Action and Uses---In some subjects it cures violent toothache, neuralgia and whooping-cough and promotes sleep, and acts as an antispasmodic in asthma. It also dilates the pupil and is useful in dysmenorrhoea and nervous debility. In other subjects it only causes gastric distress and nausea; over doses produce toxic effects.

---Preparations and Dosages---Fluid extract, 5 to 20 drops, which may be cautiously increased to 2 fluid drachms. Solid extract, 1 to 5 grains.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yeast/Candida Infections

Pau d’ Arco

What is Candida?
Candida is a fungi that can live normally in the bowel flora but often with poor diet, can multiply beyond manageable amounts and spread into other areas of the body causing chain reaction and disease.

Candida can be a result to the following:
• Poor diets
• Excessive intake of alcohol and sweets
• Parasitic infections
• Long term use of birth control pills or estrogen replacement therapy
• Habitual steroid or corticosteroid use
• Habitual use of antibiotics

Pau d’ Arco is one of many herbs that can help eliminate or prevent yeast infections by its immune building properties, anti fungal and microbial properties, high in nutrients to replace Chi, and Selenium containing.

Selenium is a mineral that is an anti oxidant (scavenger of free radicals) and though it can be found in some foods like various nuts, animal products, tuna and soybeans to name a few, it can also be found in wheat products and other foods that will not be advantageous to someone fighting a yeast infection.

Pau d’ Arco is another way of getting selenium without taking supplements or having to find the foods that have it, that you may or may not enjoy eating, may be allergic to or the hassle of diet planning. * Selenium can reach toxic levels but usually this happens when there are supplements being taken without a professional regulating diet and supplement intake.
Pau d’ Arco also not only supplies you with the Selenium but other factors (3) that are benefit to you and your health, to recap those four benefits of this herb are

• Antimicrobial/Anti fungal
• Nutritional Energy that restores your vitality
• Immune booster
• Contains Selenium which is one of the body’s defenses against the growth of Candida

More about Pau d’ Arco:

The Latin binomial for this herb is Tabebuia impetiginosa and belongs to the Bignoniaceae family.

The part used is the bark and the tendencies of this medicine is drying and slightly warming.

Beyond the wonders of Yeast Elimination, this plant is also known for help in cleansing the Lymph system, Anti Inflammatory, assisting the correction of IBS, Colitis/Chrohn’s,
Herpes virus, Malaria, and Brucellosis.

Caution is best for those who have a tendency to hemorrhage; concurrent use with anti coagulants.

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