Thursday, December 24, 2009

unsafe products who claim to be Healthy

As Herban Chica followers may already know, I am an herbalist and have been playing around with making products for skin that are healthy alternatives to what is offered out there to the general public.

I have learned so much, I have learned how easy it is to make a good for you, good quality product that is fun... I have also learned what big manufactures put in there so called, "healthy products" are not healthy at all.

A company will put in preservatives that make a shelf life incredibly long, that is good for the manufacturer but not the consumer. Most of these preservatives are proven unhealthy.

A company can put a trade mark name on a product that says "ORGANIC" and legally NOTHING in the product is organic. That is because it didn't say.. "this is organic", it simply named it's UN ORGANIC product "organic".

One product in particular is called "the healing garden" it's trademark is "skin organics" and "re nourish" but when looking at the ingredients they only listed a few of the ingredients and those were proven bad, unhealthy and when promising to filter UV rays... it actually inhibited the protection from the sun and therefore enhancing the damage caused by UV rays. Nothing organic was listed.. wouldn't you list an ingredient if it were organic? I would and do.

This product " the healing garden" also carried a warning label that stated that if swallowed contact a poison control center right away....

My question is WHY would you want to put something that was this harmful on your skin, the Biggest organ of your body?

It is scary to think of how ignorant that I have been for years, and it isn't our fault. We are deceived and lied to. We want to believe but are learning that we cannot believe.

We must start being responsible for our own health, educate ourselves, fight back by not promoting these companies who are in it for pure profit and not interested in the long term effects that it has on our health and our children's health.

Product ingredients that you may want to further investigate, stay away from but please don't take my word for it, investigate it yourself... research it. Don't be fooled anymore.

Octinoxate or octyl metghoxycinnamate

Even some of the ingredients in Burts Bees has been recently classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer to be "possibly carcinogen to humans" WHY... use something that is even POSSIBLY cancer causing? Why if you don't HAVE to use it? It just doesn't make sense to me and is very upsetting.

I would love to hear opinions on this subject, I would love to learn more if you have other information that would be of value to this topic.

And,.... to promote my products which are completely safe and healthy.. visit, I also custom make products. If you have a need for something that I don't make, allow me to formulate something for you and if I haven't made it yet or don't have another product that will help then your first sample will be free, even the shipping and handling!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

random post

The year is at an end and what a year it has been. If I had to share one thing that I learned it would be to let go of fear.

As soon as I let go of my fear, doors opened up for me. The universe is plentiful and always has been but only until I was ready, was I able to accept the wonderful gifts it had to offer.

I would have to say that in my journey to become an herbalist, that it was indeed the herbs that brought to me an array of opportunities. How does that make sense? I am not sure... it could have been the like minded people that I was surrounded by, or mother natures energy wrapping her arms around me while I wrapped my arms around mother nature. I won't sit and contemplate the whys too much. It is a waste of my energy, I just need to show my gratitude and share my soul and my knowledge with others.

If I could tell you one thing that would be of some importance in life then it would be to open up to taking chances as scary as it may be.

I have started a business, am still a student of Holistic Health (and life), am pursuing many adventures and feel the urge to retreat to blogging a bit more. I miss it, I must find the time to express myself in order to balance the emotions and the adventures that I have been on.

Life is good, Herban Chica
Silybum Herbal

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

End of Year

Well, its the end of the year and looking back ... I go over all of the things that I have learned, the struggles, the lessons, the ah ha moments. Everything that has gotten me here today, where I am... wherever that may be.

It is a constant directional change from day to day, this isn't a bad thing. This is life. I can think I am headed this way but find myself headed another. I can plan to go in this direction but heading in this direction I am drawn to another direction, which is a direction that I might not have known if I hadn't taken the first direction. Sounds as confusing as I am. haha.. and all I can do is laugh.

This road, or many roads that I have taken and will life. What I have learned is that I must live one day at a time and the key word is "LIVE". What is living? For many years, living was merely getting by, working, playing and starting over again. I am not sure what it is to me today but I can assure you that it is much more than it has been in the past and I don't know if this can be chalked up to knowledge from age or experience but it doesn't really matter to me... not today anyway. What matters is how I live today and if I can ask myself, "Have I grown today". Well, I have... today I have grown, I can only hope and pray that tomorrow I will have grown and that in these experiences and growths that I can share with those around me the good things that I feel, see and love.
There are so many wonderful people out there and I want to know them all.. the only way to start that is by being one of those wonderful people that others want to know. Give, Give, and give. It will only cause good things to happen even when things don't look so good.

for today, that is all I have to say... inside there is so much more to share... but for another day.

blessings! Carrie
Herban Chica