Monday, September 21, 2009

Lakshmi the Hindu Goddess of Beauty Inscense Oil

In a jar, combine equal measure of roughly crushed rose petals, ground cinnamon, ground cardamom, and lemon peel. Pour Sweet almond oil over the mixture, covering all the ingredients and cap. Infuse by the sun but wrapped in tin foil so that the UV rays do not damage the ingredients, infuse for at least 4 days. Strain the oil and decant into a dark glass container, store in a cool place.

This oil can be used in an essential oil burner or dabbed in your pulse points.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

skin cancer week 4

Week three and week four of the skin cancer spot. We bumped up the dosage from 1-2 x a day to 3-6 times a day and there is another significant change. Mike the "cancer model" is also using creosote oil as a sun screen. Over all, we think his skin even looks better since he has been applying the infused creosote oil.

in the earlier photos (week 1 and 2) there were cancer spots lower on his face that we were showing you. One disappeared and the other ended up NOT being cancer after all.

crazy mad=?

You would think that at my ripe age of 40+, that I could learn how to breathe, be calm, and think before I act. I have worked at it for years and am still working at it, but when it matters most... I throw that technique out the window.

I have had some days to mull over the whole "flower essence" ordeal. And, yes... I had a right to be upset.. but they also have a right to be ignorant. I mean, I haven't always known what I know now about herbs and essences, about holistic healing, about raising a baby, or a pre teen and I definitely don't know how to raise the teen that I have now. I can assume that I do "know" when it comes to certain aspects but the truth is I am not all knowing.

My 15 year old told me something the other day and has told me a few other times over the last couple of years.... now, I will take some credit for her wise mind.. as it is I who did raise her. She told me that I wouldn't feel so persecuted if I didn't persecute others. She tells me that sometimes I am way too judgmental and that is why I am always feeling judged. Truth. and it hurts. and it's hard to admit. As much as I would like to give a lengthy explanation or defense.. the truth is none of us are as innocent as we think we are.

I am glad that my daughter told me this gently. Without being mean, it was easier to take, and harder to deny this truth. She told me that I am not always that way, but that it comes out periodically and I can see that, depending on how I feel about myself or what type of day that I had. None the less, it is true about me and I hate it.

After this flower essence ordeal and after my last blog on the emotions that I shared about the flower essence ordeal, I received a letter from Katie, (Lotus Wei) and she opened my eyes (again) she told me what I already knew, but she told it to me when I needed to hear it again and she told me in a way that was gentle and empowering and this inspired me to look again at my actions that day, more than my actions though, to look at my emotion, my feelings and if I had just taken a breath that day before I took everything so personally, before I let myself feel attacked or persecuted, then I would have handled it in a way that I would be proud of and in a way that my daughter would have been proud of and possibly not have been so emotional about it.

I am always learning, one is never to old to learn. Sometimes we have to look at ourselves deeper than ever before and ask ourselves questions that we have never asked ourselves before and in doing this.. we will grow and learn and be enlightened to ourselves in ways that we have never before.

Katie suggested that I take this experience and make it a good one, up 'til now... I shared this story just to share this story. Just to get others on my side. Just to validate myself, my feelings and my actions. That isn't good enough, I know better than that, I preach that but do I live it? Obviously not. Not that day anyway.

So what do I do then? I start again, taking what I learned with me into today and into other experiences. Sharing the learning experience with others so that it IS a positive that came out of an unfortunate situation. Actually, if I look at it again... the situation wasn't really unfortunate. It opened some eyes to flower essences and a holistic approach and it also opened my eyes to me.

Friday, September 11, 2009

flower essences illegal?

My 14 year old daughter got "busted" for taking 4 drops of Bach's White Chestnut Flower essence at her high school.

My daughter was diagnosed with A.D.D. and I choose not to put her on the prescribed narcotics. We went down that road before and it didn't work for us. My daughter couldn't eat, couldn't sleep and told me that she felt that it made her feel dull.

Flower essence seems to work for her, I gave her a bottle to take to school and keep in her purse. Even though I probably should have thought twice about it's contents .. I did not. Flower essences uses alcohol as a preservative. 4 drops of flower essence has less alcohol than 1/4 of a small ripe banana, a 5 year old can purchase flower essence, you can do flower essence and drive. It is safe to give flower essence to a 6th month old.

Yet, they pulled her from class, searched her purse and made the appropriate phone calls. I was told by an officer of the law that he guaranteed me that if he made her blow in a breathalyzer that it would show alcohol in her system. I challenged him, I asked him to please do give her one. He took offense by this and began to raise is voice, telling me that he is doing me a favor by NOT giving her one, do I want him to give her a ticket? she would have to go to court and would have a record. I told him that he should go ahead, give her a breathalyzer and if it came up positive for alcohol then he would be educating me. He changed the subject and wouldn't give her one.
The Vice principal told me over the phone that my daughter would be suspended for consumption of alcohol. But by the end of our conversation he told me that he would let her slide but that the principal could over rule that. The vice principal also told me that he was giving us a break and that it would NOT go in her record but she still had to go home for consumption of alcohol.

I think that they are idiots, I think that they started a big ruckus because they are ignorant, and when I gave them a little information, a little too late they still had to follow through with sending her home for consumption of alcohol.

However they also knew that they hadn't anything to stand on and legally couldn't ticket her, suspend her or put it in her record... they knew that they would have a legal battle if they did.

So, my daughter does not take flower essence to school anymore. When she has a water bottle I will put a dose in there for her. She will not bring the bottle of essence to school though. This is so unfortunate, I was appalled at their ignorance.

I wrote the company Bach and they too were appalled.
I spoke with an organic alchemist, business owner of LOTUS WEI,LLC., She has offered to help educate my daughters school on flower essences.

I have found it hard to not push this further, by filing a complaint with the police department, by writing the school board by calling the local news station. However,I am not sure of what my intentions would be about doing that. Is it for revenge? or is it for education purposes. Should I fight for my rights or chalk it up as a learning experience and move on?

I won't make that decision today. I will sit quietly and figure out my intentions first.

But for the record... keep your flower essence hidden, don't show any officers of the law and maybe you should think twice about drinking while consuming flower essences.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Beautiful Oats

Today I worked on oat tops. I worked on them some yesterday too. I would take the end tip of the hull and pinch and the seed would pop out. It was easy to do, just tedious and after doing it for 3 hours yesterday and then for another hour and a half it really made my fingers sore.
So far, spending almost 5 hours of removing the seeds from the hull I had pretty much had it. The last half hour of those grueling hours I let my mind drift.

I thought that there had to be a better way of doing this. I thought of the indigenous woman and how they must have sat in groups and worked with the grains of the earth, what they may have talked about. I could almost here them laughing and sharing stories as their fingers worked the grains.

I imagined the elders of the group doing most of the talking and the younger women listening and learning, learning about family, respect, hard work and learning about the place in which they held amongst the elders or this tribe.

What would they discuss, would it be much different then maybe something that we would discuss in a family setting? Maybe not unlike the women of my generation, gathering in the kitchen preparing a feast for extended family around holidays.

While I was dreaming about these woman, these strong women with dust on their feet, sitting in a group close to the ground and with toddlers strapped to them or running about their feet. While my mind wandered and played in the ideas and minds of thee indigenous people, I found myself working with the oats in a different way, I was feeling their texture in my hands, rolling the oats in my fists and smelling the faint aroma.

The oats felt good in my fists and I kept working them, rubbing them against each other and listening to the rustling of them when they wisped away the hulls from the friction. The seeds began to separate and it hit me.

I realized how much quicker this was to separate the seeds, the one seed at a time technique was painful and tedious but rolling the oats in my hands, smelling them, admiring them and enjoying the texture of them was working much better. I thought that this may have been kind of the same technique that these women may have used.
In no time at all, the oats were finished.

Another hour had passed and I finished twice if not 3 times as much then the one seed technique.

So, this day… I visited women from the past and heard their laughter, saw their faces and learned from them… at one point I took the oats to the ground and sat there working with them so that I could feel closer to these women. This experience was enlightening, I feel extremely grateful and blessed and I feel a communion that I didn’t feel before. The more that I work with these plants, the more that I love them. The more I give to them, the more they give back.
Thank you JoAnn Sanchez for allowing me this opportunity.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

skin cancer week 3

It is quite amazing to watch the transformation. I am a believer of herbs, it isn't a doubt in my mind at all that they work but watching and sharing with the rest of the world (or my few followers anyway)is so exciting. Week one, week two and now week three.. I can see the transformation and it is really cool.