Monday, October 1, 2012


Lysine aka l-Lysine A natural ingredient found in food but also found in capsule form. How ever you decide to get your lysine.. getting it, is important especially if you are a vegetarian because most Lysine is found in yogurt, cheeses, butter, cows milk, fish, chicken, beef, egg but it is also found in Avocado. Lysine isn't readily available from grain cereals or peanuts. One should take aprox. 750 to 1,000 mg a day. Deficiency of lysine may contribute to reduce immunity. Taking Lysine during time of stress are important, not only does it help with Flu prevention but also with absorbtion of calcium and formation of bone growth and collagen! I use it in times of stress, flu season and if I feel like my shingles are about to act up and I swear by it. If I can catch the shingles before a complete flare up then it will disapear, if I wait until it has already began to blister than the flare up time is shortened. Lysine is also great to take if you have herpes simplex infections,particularly herpes type 1. Also taking 1-2 grams of lysine daily may have some effect on reduceing outbreaks and symptoms of herpes type 2. ("Elson Haas, M.D.) Taking Lysine isn't a substitute for a healthy living style. With your supplement intake it is important to continue to reduce stress, reducing acid-forming foods and to practice over all good nutrition. So this flu season: * take some deep slow breaths *eat whole foods *take your Lysine and vitamin C! *drink plenty of clean water * wash your hands often Here are some other links about L-Lysine: I always recommend many sources.