Saturday, November 14, 2009

Winters Relief Salve

I was in the winter spirit and got a wild wintery hair to make some more salve. The weather has just started cooling and my skin was starting to show signs of dryness. Especially my hands as I work in the medical field and am constantly wearing latex gloves (yuck). I chose a few winter like herbs and pulled them out of my medicine cupboard and smelled each one. How wonderful the fragrance, my mood was even more enhanced with the clove and cinnamon aroma. I ground each herb and careful mixed them and writing down each ingredient, I added ginger because it is warming and cayenne for it's anti inflammatory properties, I pulled out the comfrey and and chapparel and beautiful arnica and calendula. I kept smelling the mixture with great pride and thought to myself that I was making something wonderful! I used the best oil that I had, jojoba and olive oil and vit E and bees wax at the end. This is the most glorious smelling salve, my whole house has this fragrance and I am enjoying every bit of it. I have my windows and door open and the scent is mixing with the cold air of outside. Glorious! It smells like (but better) then a scented candle, very strong and warming, I could almost eat it! The buttery smell of the calendula and the cinnamon remind me of baking and I am sure my neighbors are salivating too!


  1. ooh! id love a teeny lip balm sized or smaller sample if youve got xtra. my lips are beat up this winter...but i know clove is a nono for preggers think its okay like this?

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