Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Albatross speaks

As much as I would like to believe that my carbon footprint is better than my neighbors, I know that it isn't what it should be.

I don't drink tap water, and even though I have a water cooler... I find myself wanting to go buy a case or two of plastic water bottles already filled with water. It's just easier, quicker and more convenient all around. I made that decision two days ago, I rationalized it by stating to my boyfriend that I would drink more water if I had a water bottle that was already filled for me, I would drink my herbal tinctures in my water so that means I would be more consistent with taking my herbs and therefore I would be healthier! It makes perfect sense!

Before I went out and bought a couple cases from Costco, I went home. I checked the mail and received a magazine "Spirituality and Health". I picked it up and I read a little bit then came across a photograph of a dead bird, partially deteriorated, feathers, beak and skeleton and in the center of those feathers were a multitude of colors, unrecognizable pieces and parts of plastic, fishing line, balloons and who knows what else. I read the piece and realized that it is my responsibility, as small as an impact that myself would make, it is still my responsibility to do my part. The story was sad and the photos were even more sad but impact it made on me was big.
I will be honest, I am not sure how long the impact will last or how soon it will be before I forget about "my part" or "my responsibility" but for today, and tomorrow and probably at least this month... I will take part on lessening my carbon footprint by recycling or not wasting. I did want to share this with others though, hopefully to get them thinking too...
The pictures you see here are from the magazine Spirituality and Health Jan.2010 issue, photos by Chris Jordan who will be speaking at the Sharpless Auditorium at Haverfor College in Haverford, PA Jan. 28th.

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