Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Heat

The weather is getting hotter, 113 just the other day. I am so glad to have my teas! Iced and making it fresh all day keeps me cool!
My new favorite. Not so theraputic but delicious non the less. I take a pitcher of ice, crammed to it's brim.
5-6 tea bags of Blueberry superfruit by STASH and in a seperate 12 oz cup 3\4 full of boiled water, steep for 15 minutes covered.
This will make a very concentrated tea. LIke I have said before, I have a thing for sweet so I take 10-20 drops of Stevia Clear and add that to the ice before I pour the hot tea over the ice. Add cool water if needed to fill pitcher.

My whole family loves this tea.

This particular blend has hibiscus in it which is a natural coolant. This blend also has some other favorites... orange peel, lemongrass, rosehips, chicory root, bluberry flavor and powder, acai and licorice powder and blaccurrant powder! YUMMY!!

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  1. Peach tea is my favorite.
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