Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Toxic Free Fly traps

The house fly ICK!
I can't stand flies and flies seem to love our yard and seem to lie in wait at our screen door, each time we open it.. 2 or 3 buzz right in.
I did some searching, wondering why flies seem so bad these last couple of years. I have had a dog for the last 11 years and never had a problem before so I didn't think it was because of that however, if you don't pick up the poop.. it is inevitable that you will attract flies.
The last couple of years I have had a garden, and from what I have learned from , this may be the cause of the abundance of flies that I have. flies love moisture and this will attract them..

I don't like using pesticides or anything that is potentially hazardous to my family or my pets and on I found a few recipes for fly homemade fly traps.

I have yet to try them, and will get back to you with the results! but I have cut and pasted from the website and there list is below.
Previously I have tried vinegar in a glass, wrapped in plastic and a few small holes punched in the plastic.. it was not worth my expensive Braggs applecider vinegar- it caught only a few itty bitty flies and that was it.

Homemade Flytraps and Repellents
Homemade fly strips. Making your own fly strip is simple. First, mix up a quarter cup of corn syrup with about a quarter cup of granulated sugar. Next, cut strips from a paper bag that are about 2 inches wide and about 18 inches long. Poke a small hole in the top of the paper strip and run the strip through your sugary concoction or simply smear some of it on the paper. Put a string through the hole, and hang it up. Just remember to keep a bowl or something underneath it to catch any drips.

Homemade flytrap. This one's even easier. Grab a mason jar, and put some syrup, sugar, soda, or any combination of sweet stuff that you can think of in it. Put the lid on and poke some holes in it that are just large enough for the particular flies you are dealing with to get in, and place it in the area with the greatest fly concentration. If you want some ideas for some homemade fruit flytraps, click here.

Plastic bag trick. This one is pretty odd but supposedly works well. All you gotta do is fill a plastic, 1-gallon zipper bag about halfway with water and hang it outside above your door. There are a couple different theories for why this works:1) The light reflections from the water look like spider webs, so the flies avoid the area. 2) The light reflecting off the water simply disorients the flies and they go elsewhere.

Natural fly control. I know these aren't really homemade . . . but whatcha gonna do about it? Anyway, marigolds, mint, and basil are all natural fly deterrents that can be planted outside. Inside, you can hang pine boughs, scatter orange peel, or scatter cloves.

Need some more Fly Control info?

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  1. the plastic bag thing never worked for us. neither does a pot of honey...i'll try the paper idea. hey follow my growingproject blog, instead of the so delicious one, i dont ever write there anymore