Monday, April 6, 2009

On one side of the 8 plus foot orange metal fencing that surrounds the garden, are the back of some apartments. From within the garden, looking out I can see these apartments and the trash that is left out for our view.
I would love to see vines covering this side of the garden so the kids could remove themselves from the their surroundings... so that they could be surrounded by nothing but garden, nothing but nature.

I am also assuming that all the stray cats are from these apartments. The stray cats that come into the locked garden, obviously for the same reasons that the children do. Because there is some peace within those orange metal bars, Under the shade of the trees, away from the ugly world and into the nurture of nature.

On the inside of the fencing, and under some weeds that we have begun to clear from the ground, I am finding the stones that the kids have painted and the home-made stepping stones that have been thoughtfully placed throughout the walk ways.

In the trees, strung from branch to branch is twine and little painted swatches.It is the art work of the children, they hang and blow in the wind like flags, some faded by the sun, some weathered by the wind and rain and have become fringed at the edges.
Bright colors, names and imagination painted on little pieces of cloth adorn the trees and bring a sweetness here, I am falling in love.

There is a certain soft, forgiving spirit that I feel while here. It is tender and hopeful and full of love. It surrounds me and I become part of it.
I feel light, loving and loved.
I feel free in thought.
I am going to find something here, it is not something that I can physically touch, it is beyond that. It is within me and it will be healing. I feel it creeping up inside of me, from the earth and up through my veins. I do not know what it is but I welcome it, it is something that excites my spirit. It is something that I have not felt before, am I creating it or has it always been there. Waiting for me to find it?
Love and Gratitude. (thank you LG.!)

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  1. carrie, this was just beautiful! so transformational and telling and beautifully written. you will find so much of what you are looking for in that space.