Friday, April 24, 2009

A ritual of communion as a budding herbalist

A ritual of communion with a plant could be explained as a courtship.

It is passionate and communications become easier the more time spent with another.
You begin to think alike and share without words.
You're more aware of one another and your bond grows deeper over time. the relationship may start out vague.
You may happen to be taking a walk along a path that you have taken may times before but this time, something draws your attention. You notice, at first it is a visual attraction.
You are drawn in but may not be sure why, not at first anyway.
You may even try to ignore it all together, continue on your day but at a later date or time a vivid picture of that attraction finds it's way back to your soul, burned into your minds eye is a visual of that plant, it's leaves, texture, smell, color and emotion. You find that periodically out of no where that image finds its way up through you and taps at you, sort of saying " hey, remember me?".
My communion was with the beautiful Milk Thistle. Out of the blue, in the middle of a thought or in my daily activities... There she is. With all her beauty. She is strong, protective, and giving. She is beautiful and vibrant. To me she is Grand, Her leaves are deep in green and through out are a lighter shade of green trailing up and out like veins. She is profound with her thorns, They jut out at predators but when you gently touch her they are forgiving. The color of her bloom is delicate and bright and very inviting. I fell in love with the Milk Thistle the very first time looking at her.
by CJG
Close your eyes and visualize, feel her energy... in time the nature spirits will come to you.


  1. carrie!!! this is your essence. the gal who lead the flower essence talk had a similar experience with a different plant and yours feels just as powerful. when you are truly passionate about something your words come flowing out onto these pages like stream burst through a snow bank.

    i actually thought this was something you were quoting out of a book at first!!! this was absolutely stunning. amazing. touching. salud!!!

    Here's what i read about the flower:

    Letting go of deep anger, resentment or other held feelings which block the flow of love;
    Allowing forgiveness to lead the way to a deeper experience of love;
    Provides a bridge to lessons of unconditional love.

    get ur love on girl. i love you.

  2. thank you so much for you comment latisha, it means the world to me.