Sunday, April 12, 2009

Reevis Mountain School of Self -Reliance ....

Peter Big Foot!

That's his name, you may or may not have heard of him. He is best known for his trek of 85 miles in 15 days through the Sonoran Desert without food or water back in 1975. he relied on only what he could forage through the desert. Check out his website for more incredible details.

My boyfriend and I spent 2 nights and two days out on his mountain with a small group of curious people from different walks of life.
One single mother, hospice nurse and sweet souled woman.

One guy who was corporate, marathon runner who turned ill with Hodgkin's disease In what he thought was the peak of his life, and then went naturopathic and will graduate as naturopathic doctor in about a year from now.

A Football star and his cheerleader wife and parents of two and grandparents, who are retired and well travelled and now live off the grid in Arizona and volunteer at a wild life rescue habitat.

Not to mention Nate the intern who is a wonderful cook and Peter Big Foot and his Crown Patricia.

We went up there with not many expectations, just some peace and tranquility to be had. We got that and a whole lot more. Words cannot give the experience any justice and I fear that I would diminish the experience by trying to share with words, and even though the photos that we took do not include the wealth of spirit and joy that was felt with the company and the stories that were told, I will add those photo's to this blog.

The food was outrageous and nourishing. It was unlike anything that we had ever tasted. My personal favorite was the turnip and rutabaga mash. My boyfriend loved the fresh free range egg omelette's that were made with fresh organic spinach from the garden.

With that here are a couple photo's. I would love to hear your Questions or comments.


  1. Anything that involves organic gardening and sustainability interests me! Here in England, I live next to a very eco-conscious town called Totnes.

  2. Sounds like you had a deliciously wonderful and time. what a wonderful experience i am sure . wish i had been in you suitcase.. ;) the photos speak volumes!!!

  3. this place seems like a paradise. couldnt do it full time but so admire what they do. and am love love loving that allergy potion!