Saturday, May 30, 2009

garlic syrup

it is very pleasant and since the garlic is cooked it is less pungent and intrusive. There is no garlic breath either. Enjoy!

I just don't seem to remember to take pictures of my medicine making. BUMMER. It was quite fun preparing this remedy with my boyfriend, brewing it was nice too... I love the aroma of garlic and ginger stewing.

We took 5 large bulbs of garlic and chopped each clove very well (lots and lots of garlic), letting them set out for about 15 minutes, 1 quarter cup of freshly dried ginger root from Mountain Rose Herbs and brought cool distilled water, about 1 quart with garlic and ginger, to a slow boil in a large stainless steel pot.

Distilled water because it is "hungry", it has NOTHING in it which helps draw the constituents from the herbs, Stainless steel pot because it is better than using anything else except glass... I don't like using aluminum or coated pans for obvious reasons.

Once the pot came to a boil, I turn it to a SLOW, LOW simmer and let it "stew" for about 2-3 hours, the longer the better.The water level went down quite a bit and I had just over a half a quart of liquid left. When finished I strained the liquid gold into a sterile container and set aside.

I use raw local un pasteurized honey. I used 16 oz and in a sterile stainless steel pot on very low heat took the honey and the liquid gold and stirred, NEVER bring honey to a boil... it ruins all the good stuff in it. When done I bottled it.

one rule of medicine making for us is to NEVER have ill thoughts or words while making medicine. Keep good thoughts and intention to make good medicine.

It is good for all sorts of things, the Garlic is fruit of the Gods in my opinion! It is an immune booster to say the very least of it... you can take several table spoons of it through the day when you feel the onset of a cold or take it daily just to help boost your immune.

The honey will serve as a preserver, they say that you don't have to refrigerate it but I still keep mine in the refrigerator.

you can altar this recipe, i did by adding the ginger root. Some people use it as a marinade... however keep in mind that the healing properties would be quite less once used in cooking or baking at a temp higher than the slow cooking style used.

almost forgot, some people like clear medicine. They don't want any plant residue.. so they strain until all plant matter is gone (which in my opinion isn't necessary unless you are selling the product). I don't always do this because I don't mind plant matter in my medicine.

Some say that the shelf life of the medicine isn't as long as medicine that is clearer of particles. I am not worried about the particles because it is for home use, I will use it up before it goes bad and I am not planning on selling it... plus... it may even be more health beneficial having the particles in it. It depends on what herbalist is making the medicine.

I got this recipe from herbalist James Greens book "the herbal medicine makers handbook", he doesn't mind the particles either.

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