Sunday, June 21, 2009

the gopher

a few weeks ago, I found a gopher in my kitchen. It was dark and late at night and the weather was cool enough to leave the door open. I had a doggie gate up... the accordion style kind... I guess it was big enough for the gopher to sneak through and walk around my house. I thought it was a Scottsdale Roof Rat at first, then I thought it was a hamster and followed it out my back slider with a mason jar... I was determined to save what I thought was a neighbors lost pet hamster. Once caught and brought back in... I saw its hideous claws and front teeth... it was no hamster... I had never seen a gopher before so i googled gopher just to be sure. I ended up feeding the poor thing some veggies before letting it go in someone elses neighborhood.

so... this got me thinking and I wanted to know what it may have meant.... the gohper omen. (just for fun )

The gopher understands the necessity for being prepared. It does not hibernate at all during the winter months and lives off the food that it stores. They live almost their whole lives underground in complex tunnels that they dig. Each tunnel intersects with the next affirming to us that everything is connected in some way. In mystical lore the underworld is known as the keeper of lifes secrets. The gopher knows what lies beneath the surface of any situation and can show us how to uncover hidden truths.

Gophers run forward and backward at incredible speeds and remind us to pay attention to our action or lack of action. They can show us how to flow through life in a balanced way by always staying connected to the rhythm of lifes heartbeat.

Because Gophers tunnel under gardens pulling large numbers of plants down into their burrows it is easy to blame them for destroying the growth of crops. When gopher appears in our lives it is telling us to pay attention to our own grouth process, take responsibility for it and to stop blaming someone else when problems arrive.

Gophers are very sensitive to sharp or piercing noise. It throws them off center confusing their usual sense of balance. For those with this totem avoid loud noise whenever possible and take time for quiet reflection.

The gopher is a friendly and powerful totem and can be a beneficial guide into the underworld. If you choose to take its tour get prepared. Deeper truths will awaken in your consciousness and your present reality will be rearranged. The discovery of who you are, who you have been and who you are becoming is on the horizon.

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