Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my theory/philosophy of health and healing. (rough draft)

Carries Theory of Health.

To be ready to change or attempt to change into a healthier behavior or state, one has to be ready and willing before any change can take place.

There is spiritual readiness, emotional, physical, and social readiness that needs to be in place for the healing process to begin.

Health or being healthy is multi faceted and to make a change would have to be made on many levels.

I believe that health is a whole body, mind, emotion and spiritual issue. It must be dealt with as a whole. There are reasons we are in one state or another and it could be for many different reasons, environmental and emotional to name just two, but even then it weighs on every part of an individuals being/soul.

I believe first and foremost that an individual needs to focus on what is inside emotionally. It starts with what how we perceive and how we feel towards others, towards ourselves and towards life in general.

From there we may or may not be able to pin point origin of disease or the disease itself but in doing all that “looking inside”, in my eyes… creates good health.

I try and remember that my body is not me and that I am not my body. I am learning so much yet still have trouble articulating what my belief system is, I am a student of life and I am proud to say that I know that I am ignorant to many things but also proud to say that in accepting my ignorance and being open to learning is a wonderful first step.

What is my philosophy of healing?
I don’t know that I am stuck in any quotable philosophy.
I am a student and open to many. I am still searching for that general understanding of values and reality, be it speculative or observational.

I am leaving my options open. But if I had to answer that question, then I would probably say that it is in loving and acceptance of yourself and that dis-ease that one has. It is love and acceptance in the dis-ease you have in others.

It is being gentle with oneself and others, not so much battling but dancing in a way that makes the challenge less abrasive and more enlightening.

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  1. i think you are definately on the right track!!