Friday, July 31, 2009

pain relief salve

This salve is great for any joint or muscle pain. Carpel Tunnel, arthritis or sore muscle.
The Cayenne helps with circulation, Willow Bark and arnica to deaden the pain, menthol for the icy/hot effect, ginger as an anti inflamatory, vitamin E, a preservative for longer shelf life and the other oils as carrier oils that are good for the skin. The bees wax helps with the texture and also seals in the "good stuff" and provides a barrier against moisture.

While Calendula and Creosote are sun infusing, I decided to finish up a second batch of the pain salve.
I use extra virgin olive oil, my own sun infused Birch bark oil, vitamin E oil as a preservative , Cayenne, Arnica,Willow bark, ginger roots and menthol crystals... all organic.

If you don't accept yourself, you won't live fully, and if you don't live fully, you'll need to get full some other way.
quote from the book "Fit from Within" by Victoria Moran


  1. love the new look. very cool and calm. your header photo is amazing. im loving watching this space evolve with you.

  2. Love your blog & the herbal recipes. I've dabbled with arnica and willow bark and some of the other herbs I run into, but never collected & prepared them in a serious way. Maybe that'll be my next pursuit, once I run out of new flowers to key out...