Thursday, July 30, 2009

Arizona Sun Infused Organic Herbs For Medicinal Salves

I am starting another salve, I have began my creosote Arizona sun infused oil, I am using extra virgin olive oil, I am also infusing freshly dried Calendula in beautiful and nourishing Jojoba oil.

on another note....
So school has been quite overwhelming on some days but I am loving every minute of it. I am amazed that there is any room left in my head for anything else these days though!
I am meeting wonderful people and calling some of them friends, friends that I hope not to lose contact with. I love people, all different kinds of people and I am going to the perfect school for finding just that!
I am sluggishly working on a workshop that will be fun, I am thinking of doing it alone and then I think that I need others to help me. I am nervous and scared but know that I have enough knowledge to talk about the things that I want to share and people are letting me know that they want to hear what I have to say. I would LOVE to do many many work shops, it would be great for networking.
I have a dream, it is a dream that is close enough for me to taste but not yet is it ready to launch. I can't wait to put all this knowledge to work... if ever I wanted a perfect job... well, this would be it.

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  1. coupla things.

    OMG i am so excited this stuff looks awesome love the picts soooo good.

    but i want em bigger! hee hee.

    love you. good work mama.