Monday, October 5, 2009

a beautiful tea

I had some left over tea blend, dandelion leaf, gotu kola, cleavers, and mint. I added a handful of rosemary, nettles, handful of calendula flowers and pink rose buds. I then steeped it for about an hour. It was wonderful, I loved the rosemary and rose flavor together. I was drinking this superb tea while extracting the juice from the tunas of the prickly pears that we collected the day before and decided to add some of the juice to the tea and was pleasantly surprised. What a wonderful combination and a wonderful pink color. Earlier in the week I had made some rose bud infused honey and sweetened this tea, it was perfect. Delicious, nutritious and refreshing. There is one problem, I didn't write down the amounts, I know better than that! I hope that I can duplicate this tea again sometime, I know next time that no matter what.. measure and write down the ingredients!

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