Friday, October 2, 2009

skin cancer returning

So if you have been following you can see that the skin cancer that we have been treating with creosote oil aka chaparral; practically disappeared. It seemed to have come back with a vengeance though, We did continually put the medicated oil on the spot but did slow down that number of times and may have skipped a few days in total. So when it came back we applied the oil again and were diligent but it didn't seem to help, I switched to red clover tincture both topically and a little internally and it seemed to start looking better. We also added one of my salves as a topical that has calendula, creosote,olive oil and vitamin E. The skin cancer looks better but it is still there, actually there are two spots again rather than just one.
We think that the creosote worked. We think that it cured the skin cancer on the surface layer of the epidermis but the cancer that was deeper in the skin layer remained and therefore grew back to the surface. Mike and I have decided to have the skin cancer looked at by his dermatologist and determine how to take care of it after his consultation. This is a reminder to me that allopathic and natrapathic medicine should and can be integrated. When I decided to go natural I told myself that I wouldn't totally give up on modern day medical and this is why. I believe in herbs, I love herbs and natrapathic medicine and I will always try to do things the natural way first and foremost but we who chose the natural path may also want to remember that both types of medicine can go hand in hand and work together. I will remain to keep you posted on the skin cancer. =)

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