Saturday, February 7, 2009

2/7/2009 Cave Creek class trip

Wow, what a gorgeous day it was today. I learned so many new things and new plants. I learned a little about spirit medicine plants and our relationship with them as humans .

Hearing some of this stuff a few years ago would have made me laugh, now I just listen and say "wow, really?" Some of it is so beyond me but like I named this blog.... it is a journey and I am on board, willing to learn what I can... and when I really really listen.... it makes soooo much sense and I begin to understand and then and only then I decide that maybe my ridicule in the past was ignorance.. no "maybe" about it.

I wouldn't call myself a tree hugger yet, in fact... I am not even sure what one is. However, I think I am on my way. It is a wonderful wonderful experience that is going on here.... I had no idea how very closely we are related to the plants. Their purpose, their communication, their journey's, their relationships to us and to other plants. All I can say is that I have so much to learn and the learning will never cease. There is way too much to learn about these wonderfully giving plants that we share this world with.
One of the most intriguing concepts that I learned today was that these plants do NOT depend on us... we depend on them. As simple as that is to grasp, as blatant as that is.... it is amazing to really think about that. We need to protect and love and listen to our plants- without them, means to be without life.
Shelter, shade, medicine, nutrition or food for all living creatures, ceremony, heat, and more.
Two books that I am going to share with you I actually haven't read yet but they were suggested to us by today's guides on our hike, they are listed below.
  1. The Secret Life of Plants by Perter Tompkins
  2. The healing power of plants by Eliot Cowen


  • The sap from trees can and has been used for healing from cough syrup to carpal tunnel.
  • The Creosote bush has properties to heal many things including dandruff to tumors.
  • The Mesquite Tree can be used for fuel,dye or chewing gum.
  • Prickly Pear can drain fluid from a blister by applying the pulp, it can drain the toxins or poisons from a sting or a bite. You can scramble it in eggs or use it as first aid.

These 3 plants are considered the 3 essentials in healing.

I only touched a few of their many uses.


Did you know that the Jojoba's leaves can orient themselves to get more or less sun by turning their leaves?

Did you know that the more aromatic the plant means the more medicinal?

Did you know that the AMAZING (one of my favorites) creosote AKA chaparral AKA Larrea tridenta AKA greasewood plant leaves can be dried and powdered and used as a antiperspirant?

or heated like a poultice can relieve abdominal pain after childbirth; aching feet and joint pain?

Or that the leaves also relieve toothace, gas, headache, tuberculosis, impetig, UTI, diabetes autoimmune diseases and PMS just to name SOME of its cures?

Here are some more suggested readings from the guides

"The Scalpel and the Silver Bear" Alvord, Lori Arviso, M.D.

"A Rendezvous with the Clouds" Fleming, Tim, M.D.

"Earth Medicine Earth Food" Mehl-Madrona, Lewis, M.D.

Time for me to study! Hope you find this blog helpful, interesting or get some type of positve experience by reading it.

jHerban Chicaj

Chuparosa "humming bird bush"


  1. oh hug away! we've got to get together to do something with all this creosote. we need to cut it back so... start thinking of ideas.

  2. if you cut just a smidgn' and drop it into your water bottle it serves as antimicrobial. you can cut some back and hang it upside down in your home and the aroma is said to ward of illness. I would love to have a bouquet of it in my home... maybe I can have some of you cuttings? I have yet to make medicine but I have a medicine making handbook from school that I can bring over and we can make some salve from it or something. What are you doing Friday afternoon? No promises but I think I may have an hour or two to spare. woo hoo!!!!