Sunday, February 22, 2009

The beginning of my Gardenette


I am so excited to have bought almost all the makings for my lil' raised garden today. It is going to be a a 4x8 raised garden in my back yard with a drip system already in place in my back yard so we will just altar that to drip or spray in through my garden. This is my first raised garden, actually it is my first garden ever. I am a little nervous but I think that I can handle it.

Well, 3 months later and still nothing grows in my garden. I am waiting for our arizona planting season which will be in October. We have been feeding the organic soil with lots of compost and it looks wonderful. The birds are starting to feed on some of the stuff that we have thrown on top and havent stirred in yet and our little chaweiner dog loves jumping in there and pulling out veggie pieces too!
Speaking of our chaweiner... have you ever known a dog to love fruit and veggies? it is crazy how much she loves apples and watermelon, uncooked red and green cabbage, mixed greens, beans and carrots. I get a kick out of it

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