Friday, August 21, 2009

Nourish your scalp and hair

One of my favorite magazines is "natural health", I may not agree or like everything in the magazine but definitely find a lot of good information in there.
Today I am putting one to the test.
I have really thick hair.. I have dry scalp and a lot of damage from using dyes, bleaches and flat or curling irons. I saw this hair oil that is supposed to nourish your hair and just happened to have the ingredients in my kitchen so I am putting it to the test.
I took two tablespoons each of castor oil, organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil and mixed well. I then drizzled it on to my entire scalp while massaging it in well. I worked it out to the ends of my hair and then placed a steamy hot towel over my head and wrapped that in a plastic shopping bag. I am a bit concerned about it all coming out in time for class tonight and would really dislike showing up with a head full of oil... none the less, I am pleased that it feels quite nice and will let you know how easy it was to remove and how different it made my hair.

The recipe is from the september 2009 issue of "Natural Health" magazine.

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  1. so what happened did it work?