Friday, August 28, 2009

herb experiment on skin cancer

Living and working under the Arizona (any)sun can wreak havoc to peoples skin. Arizona has a lot of it going around and my boyfriend is one of the ones to get it. about a year ago he had a good size chunk taken out of his arm and we have been watching these two areas on his face for a few months.

The cancer on his arm was red and flaky( not unlike the ones on his face), something that had been there awhile but was ignored until I found it and caused alarm. they cut it out, he has about an inch scar.. they had to cut pretty deep too.

This spots on his face are quite a bit smaller than the one that was on his arm and the dermatologist suggested a pharmaceutical cream to be applied to the two spots and for us to keep an eye on them, if they were to remain after the use of the cream then we were to return and they would be burnt off and then watched again.

The cream didn't do anything and my boyfriend has volunteered to do an herbal experiment and we thought that we would share it on my blog.

We tried a tincture of red clover in a cream and applied that for several weeks, it looked as though it may have reduced the redness in color but they still remain with hardly any change. That could be due to the inconsistency of the application...

We are now trying a creosote oil, not an essential oil but creosote that has been infused in olive oil. I will be helping remind him to apply this more consistently then he had been applying the red clover cream. We will keep you posted every other week or so.

wish us and the herbs luck!

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