Sunday, August 23, 2009

infused oils

I am sun infusing, straining and decanting herbal oils for salve making in an upcoming work shop that I am planning for in the near future.

I love the golden color of the calendula and jojoba oil!
It can be a fun but tedious process if you grind the herb down as finely as I do but in doing so, it produces a much stronger herbal oil due to the break down of the surface area in the herbs which will allow the extraction of its healing constituents to absorb into the oil at a higher level.


  1. Facinating how different people make their infused herbal oils depending on where they are in the world. It must be wonderful to use jojoba oil as your first choice - it's incredibly expensive in the UK. I use the double infused heating method and don't bother ripping up the herbs very much before heating them with the oil.

  2. A reminder that I must infuse more herbs this coming Summer.