Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mercury mouth

I have hated the thought that I had all this mercury in my mouth. I have had it since I was a young thing and until recently didn't realize how horrible it was for me.
I didn't hear about how the mercury leaches into your body and may cause dementia or Alzheimer's among other things. The mercury leeches out and deposits in the brain and small intestines, the liver and kidneys and lungs are also repositories for the mercury. YUCK! But, really.. is this all true?

So, I rushed out and had my mercury fillings removed. (2 of 4 anyway) during this process the dentist drilled,his assistant rinsed and sucked... he made silly jokes that I didn't care to hear and my mind started to drift.... I started to think about what I was actually having done.

Yes, I know that removal of mercury fillings is dangerous... you will end up ingesting a lot of what is being drilled out... I had my tincture of cilantro and my spiralina, chlorella and chloraphyl at home to help rid my body of heavy metal toxins but what I didn't realize until it was too late was that in the process of removing all that heavy metal from my mouth, he was adding other toxins!

What the hell is that smell? it smells like paint! it tastes like what I think paint would taste like, aaak, and then the composite and the resin and more drilling of the new cap... what had I done?

I asked the doc to let me see what he was spraying in my mouth, he showed me and I quickly searched the spray can for the ingredients to see what I had just been breathing in and swallowing down... but there wasn't any ingredients. He told me it was basically paint, and that it helps the camera take better pictures of my teeth. LOVELY... I was huffing at the dentist and didn't even have say in the matter!

I do everything backwards, I went home and did a little web research about the removal of amalgams and now don't know if removing those fillings did me any good or not. I do know that I am much poorer now then I was before I had the fillings removed. I pretty much screwed either way. I also know that some people have more of a toxic reaction to the composite.

I am not so sure if I will have the other fillings removed. I haven't decided if it is even worth the cost and the time sitting in a chair with some strangers fists mixing "toxic waste" in my mouth.
I do know that my teeth are prettier, my pocket book is emptier and that I am a whole lot more confused about the right thing to do when it comes to my mercury mouth.

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  1. wow. carrie. this is so great. i love the story, the honesty and it is AMAZINGLY written. your prose, your sentences the whole bit. you should find somewhere to submit this!